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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I love thrifting so that in turn goes along with my new love of making Repurposed jewelry
The inspiration for this piece came from Flamingo Toes blog --it was her Anthro knock off so I decided to try it--The cuff came from a Garage Sale
Most of the jewels were given to me by a friend who just lost her mother
I beg for jewelry broken or good from friends and co workers --then go to thrift stores, estate sales and garage sales--I love the Goodwill here but not for jewelry they are way to proud of their jewelry!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

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A fun party hope-you guys enjoyed it too
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I read in a new  Parents magazine(even though my kids are grown:) how to make ladybugs out of baby bel cheese--the cheese is fab and only 50 calories a piece
Notice the Trolls page by the sticks and bugs--Trolls are enemies of Gnomes!
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My Jim Shore Gnome is my favorite of all--my hubby got him for me for my last birthday--53--I have been collecting Gnomes now for about 30 years!!!

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Gnome kisses and owl candy wrappers

It's a Hot Time in the Gnome Town tonight

Mad Hatters Tea Party--June 25th 2011

It's a party indeed and the gnomes all rejoice,
The tea party is set and you have a choice.
A choice of sticks and snails,
And ladybug bels.
Gnome topped cream cakes,
That the gnomes surely baked!!
Sweet owls and mushrooms and a candy kiss,
A special cheese fondue*** oh don't miss!
It's magical-the Gnomes are really such fun--
After midnight on Saturday--the party is done..........

House Gnomes are Invited!!!